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World Security Patrol Association

The World Security Patrol Association - the first global association for mobile Police Services, Security Patrols, Event Security and Security Services. 

We are an international association that promotes quality training, motivated personnel and uniform standards in the security industry. While mobile security forces in particular have a bad reputation in some countries, they are well received in others because they provide security in their area of operation.

One of our goals is a positive perception of our work among the population 

WSPA is committed to motivating patrol officers to take up the exciting profession of Security Patrol and to hare experience, information and motivation with others. 

„Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. 
Working together is success.“ 
Henry Ford

WSPA not only offers expert training programs, but also engages members in activities such as sharing field reports, creating guides and standards, and giving joint lectures. 

The WSPA - together we are strong!