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Through his diverse professional experience and a life spent in the service of security, Oliver Becker (Certified Close Protection Agent®, Certified Security Consultant Expert and Certified Security Management Expert) became a member of the International Association of Personal Security Officers (1989) and had a central role in the foundation of the International Security & Self Defense Association (2003) and the World Security Patrol Association (2012).

Looking to the future, Becker recognized early on that combining the efforts and resources of these three and resources of these three associations would offer great benefits to professionals and open a new chapter in the history of the security industry. Today, Oliver Becker is president/CEO of the United International Security Associations.
WSPA's mission is to work to establish consistent, high-quality standards in the security industry around the globe and to actively promote and enhance the profession's reputation. Today, WSPA provides training, consultancy and certified courses for operational and managerial staff.

Through both its online academy and certified training centers, WSPA offers practical and meaningful training to participants from around the world. WSPA places special emphasis on particularly necessary and often neglected courses and training, such as medicine, IED, awareness, etc. All instructors are experienced and certified in these areas.  
WSPA also promotes exchanges between responders and experts in different regions and subject areas to stay ahead of the curve and help its members continue to carry out their missions with flying colors.